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Porsche Classic Restoration Competition 2016


About our Porsche 928 S 4 Coupé restoration project

Porsche Centre Leeds is currently taking part in the Porsche Classic Restoration Competition for the second time. Building on the success of our 2014 competition entry, a Porsche 930 Turbo, our team has grown in confidence, skills and experience.

So we now confront the huge challenge of restoring a Cassis Red Porsche 928 S 4 back to its former glory.

Dedicated team

Born in the 80s

Although this neglected 928 from the 1980s had lost its sparkle, it won over the hearts of our loyal team and we have been excited to observe the true nature of the car’s past and bring it back to life.

Our dedicated Classic Technicians, Paul Fawcett and Andrew Wexham have combined their wealth of 37 years of Porsche experience and expertise to resurrect this Classic Porsche model.

As a Porsche Classic Partner, our Technicians undertake additional comprehensive training in Stuttgart to ensure they are adept in all essentials and fundamentals of Classic service, restoration and repair.


The original design of the 928

The 928 went into production in 1978 and the design focus was very much on lightweight construction. The doors, front wings and bonnet were made from aluminium instead of sheet steel.

Behind the plastic bumpers, which were integrated in the body shape, there were also aluminium profiles that could withstand a collision up to 5 mph without any damage. To improve aerodynamics, the 928 S models were fitted with a front and rear spoiler.

Cassic Classic

Our Cassis Red 928

Our Cassis Red classic began its transition in January 2016 when we started to peel back the layers, sanding the unloved frame back to its bare aluminum shell. We filled heavily corroded crevices, smoothed the surfaces and prepared the body with a primer coat.

This once loved icon was then ready to be renovated back to its 80s vibes with a splash of Cassis Red metallic paint. 

Part of life

Keeping a classic Porsche classic

Over 70% of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today and our expertise for classic Porsche models is driven by experience, knowledge and passion.

The production and supply of Porsche Classic Genuine Parts is vital to our Classic Service offering and to this restoration. With access to over 52,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts, the restoration process has been simplified. However, we do like a challenge, so we have tried where possible to preserve and restore the original parts rather than replacing them.

Rear suspension

The restoration process

Andrew Wexham, Silver Grade and Classic Technician looks back on the restoration to date:

"The key to a good restoration is to use as many original parts as possible and give them a new lease of life.

We began with the restoration of the pipes, hinges, suspension washers, throttle pivot and alternator brackets by using an electro-chemical process called yellow passivation. This protects the parts from corrosion and produces an exceptional finish. Parts such as the engine block, cylinder head, front suspension wishbone and rear suspension carrier and hubs did not require as much attention and simply required vapour cleaning.

Powder coating was required on the drive shaft, front anti-roll bar, suspension carrier, stub axles and rear suspension arms and strut brace. For the transmission we required a procedure called dry ice blasting where carbon dioxide is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a component in order to clean it. This non-invasive treatment produces a natural finish and has banished 29 years of oxidation and the build-up of grime.”

Finish line

Reaching the finish line

As the deadline looms, team dedication and long hours will be required to complete the restoration of this 928 back to its original Porsche perfection. Then it will be ready for the judging panel to assess the workmanship at the Porsche Restoration Competition Finals in July.

Please continue to follow our progress on our Facebook page  www.facebook.com/PorscheCentreLeeds or you can also visit The Porsche GB Restoration live stream http://restoration.porsche.co.uk/  where you can follow all the stories, pictures and videos from the competition.

Alternatively, for more information please contact Porsche Centre Leeds on 0113 389 0600 or by emailing info@porscheleeds.co.uk

Our 2014 Classic Restoration Competition success


Classic Restoration Competition 2014

In the last competition, the Turbo and Targa Restoration challenge, Porsche Centre Leeds took home the Mechanical Restoration award and the Porsche Cars GB Employee’s Choice award with our 930 Turbo 1981.

Looking to build on our previous success, Porsche Centre Leeds is again teaming up with JCT600 Bodyclinic and we have our sights set on the Overall Winner trophy this year.

Award 1

Our award winning Porsche 930 Turbo

No expense was spared for our 2014 Porsche Classic Restoration Competition entry. Fully restored in just 24 weeks to the original condition when it came off the factory line in 1981, our car was unquestionably a winner.

Award 3

Award winning Porsche 930 Turbo

The Porsche Classic Restoration Competition gives Porsche Centre Leeds and our Recommended Repairer the opportunity to showcase our skills and specialist knowledge.We look forward to a successful joint entreprise again this year.