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Porsche 911 Wireless Charging Piston

Porsche 911 Wireless Charging Piston


Porsche is at heart an engineering company. With ‘Intelligent performance’ centre to everything created. This isn’t just with our cars, it moves into designing intelligent yet attractive solutions to the everyday.

The 911 wireless charger is crafted from an actual Porsche 992 piston and brings a touch of engineering class to your desk.

With a maximum power output of 10watts you can quickly charge your wireless charging enabled device without intrusive wires.

- Dimension: 105 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm
- Design by Studio F.A. Porsche
- Matt black surface with Porsche Crest
- Output power max. 10 watts
- USB type C connection
- Made in Germany

90 % aluminium / 5 % silicone / 3 % acrylic glass / 1 % acrylnitrile butadiene styrene / 1 % copper

Care Instructions:
Do not cover the product during use. Do not operate the device with wet hands. Please do not use water or chemical substances to clean the device. Please only use a dry cloth.

To order any of the charging unit please contact  info@porscheleeds.co.uk and speak to a member of the parts team.