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Take your four legged friend on every adventure

Take your four legged friend on every adventure


A dog is part of the family, so why no bring them along on your adventures with the luggage compartment carrier.

Availailable in two different sizes each box comes complete with mounting points on each side which can be fixed with the supplied belts. Each box is inflatable which makes for a lightweight and secure way of keeping your dog comfortable and safe along the journey.

Made from water repellent finishes the boxes can be washed inside and out whilst each box comes with a sill protector which protects the paint when your dog is jumping into the box.

Designed to fit perfectly in your Cayenne or Macan your dog will be just as happy as you are being in the car.

Prices start from £760.00 including VAT.

Contact info@porscheleeds.co.uk for further details or to order.