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1982 Racing Collection

1982 Racing Collection


Celebrate iconic Porsche Racing moments with the Racing collection, The stylish and eye-catching jacket is lightly padded and features a stand-up collar for those windier days.

Details of the jacket include Porsche logo embossed into the buttons, ribbed cuffs and a chest strap in racing colours.

Complete the look with the 959 Rothmans livery inspired polo shirt. Featuring a v-neck design in the iconic colours. The words ‘Racing Porsche’ complete the back of the shirt, ready to join you on your next adventure.

Jacket price including VAT: £186.00

Part number: WAP453XXL0NRTM

Polo shirt price including VAT: £69.00

Part number: WAP452XXL0NRTM

Contact info@porscheleeds.co.uk to order.