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Type 7 Collection
Type 7 Collection
Type 7 Collection

The Type 7 Collection


The Type 7 Collection from Porsche Driver's Selection is a celebration of minimalist, classic designs and features iconic pieces that work with anything - just like a Porsche. The Collection combines a love of Porsche, architecture, art, design and collector culture. Here are our two favourite items in the new collection:


Made of cotton and finished in Black, the Type-7 hoodie goes with nearly everything and all situations. Its casual, minimalist design can be combined in many ways. Featuring the Type-7 logo and rubber badge it is sure to be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

Part no. WAP22100L0MTP7

Price incl. VAT: £48.00


Like the Porsche 911, t-shirts are timeless and never go out of fashion. This white t-shirt comes in a relaxed fit and, combined with the Type-7 rubber logo, it is a real eye-catcher. Made of 100% cotton it is the perfect pairing for all occasions.

Part no. WAP22000L0MTP7

Price incl. VAT: £32.00

Contact 0113 389 0600 or info@porscheleeds.co.uk to order your Type-7 clothing.