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Porsche Seating Tub

Porsche Seating Tub


With Christmas fast approaching the Porsche Drivers Selection has the perfect gifts for the Porsche Fan in your life.

With the Porsche Seating Tub you can upgrade any space with a motorsport inspired seat.

Crafted in the style of an oil drum, these leather topped, comfortable seats bring a touch of colour both in and outdoors. With a protective rubber lip they can be safely placed on any surface. The Porsche Seating Tub immediately becomes the talking point wherever you place it.

They are available in a range of iconic Porsche Motorsport colours including Martini Racing and the 917 Salzburg and can be ordered directly from our parts team.

For details contact the team.

Phone: 0113 389 0600

Email: info@porscheleeds.co.uk