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Porsche Macan Tequipment Options

Porsche Macan Tequipment Options


A Porsche is as individual as you and with Porsche Tequipment you can take that individuality to the next level. With a range of options available through our Parts Team we can help bring your personality to life in your car. All options are ordered and fitted on site by our Technicians.

LED tail lights incl. light panel, darkened

Interior components of LED tail lights and light strip partially in Black. Direction indicator aura in 'Diamar' surface structure. Function and form correspond to the LED tail lights with adaptive brake light.

Part no. 95B 044 905 00

SportDesign exterior mirrors

Bottom half of exterior mirror, including V-shaped mirror base, can be painted in exterior colour in a unique design.

Part no. 95B 044 800 61

Running boards

Running boards in brushed stainless steel with anti-slip trim strips. Improve comfort when getting in and out and when loading the roof transport system.

Part no. 95B 044 800 12

Model designation on side blades

The logo for the various model designations is available in Black, Silver, Red and Aurum. Applied as a decal to both sides of the car.

Part no. 95B 044 815 80 041

Please contact Parts on 0113 389 0600 or info@porscheleeds.co.uk for pricing and to learn more about Porsche Tequipment options on your car.