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Get ready for a spring road trip with Porsche Tequipment

Get ready for a spring road trip with Porsche Tequipment


Your Porsche was designed for absolute enjoyment on the road and what better way to enjoy it than a spring road trip. Porsche Tequipment has a range of solutions that make traveling easier so you can enjoy the drive.

Bicycle rack

In conjunction with the basic roof transport system the bicycle rack can fit up to three bikes with a frame diameter up to 100mm. Tipping protection is also included meaning you can take your four wheel adventure onto two.

Item number: 95B04480006

£132.00 incl. VAT

Luggage compartment liner, flat – Macan

Protect the carpet floor of your boot when on your next adventure. Made from a fitted, durable material that features the embossed Porsche logo and Black Macan silhouette. It is waterproof and washable.

Item number: 95B04480018

£82.00 incl. VAT

Rear footrest

On longer journeys sit back and put your feet up with the Porsche footrest. Wedge-shaped footrest for seating comfort in rear of vehicle. Covered with Black carpet and decorative side frame in electroplated look. It is secured by a strap, which can be fastened around the floor mat.

Item number: 97004480280DK4

£198.95 incl. VAT

Please contact a member of the team on 01133 890 600 or info@porscheleeds.co.uk for more information on our full range of products.