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Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche Classic Partner

At Porsche, tradition means knowing our roots and then going one step further. With 70% of all Porsche vehicles ever built still on the road today, we are here to ensure it stays that way.

We offer a full range of services for your Classic Porsche from routine maintenance and repairs to full restoration work. In addition to these services we have access to the full selection of Porsche Classic Parts, with over 35,000 parts available and more being developed all the time. 

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Porsche Service, maintenance and parts

Service, maintenance and parts

Your Porsche needs regular maintenance for optimum safety and performance. To help you manage the cost of this we have a transparent menu of pricing for scheduled service work and the cost and fitting of key replacement parts.

To keep you mobile and enable you to make effective use of the time whilst your car is being serviced we can collect and deliver your car or can offer you a courtesy car*. You may decide to wait at the Centre where you can use the free Wi-Fi and have refreshments or make use of a meeting room (if booked in advance).

*These services are subject to availability and meeting insurance criteria, so please contact our Service team to book and avoid any disappointment.

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Porsche Warranty

Porsche Warranty

Porsche want to ensure you can continue enjoying your car even when things do not go to plan.  Porsche can offer you a number of reassurance products to give you peace of mind that we will look after you and your Porsche if the unexpected happens. 

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Porsche Assistance

Porsche Assistance

The Porsche roadside assistance programme provides comprehensive cover in the unlikely event of a breakdown, anywhere in Europe. As part of the programme, a customer service team dedicated to Porsche customers is available all year round. They will ensure that the most appropriate kind of assistance is sent to help you, and will assist you with onward transport and accommodation, to meet your needs. If your car is recovered, they can arrange for you to have a courtesy car for up to two days from an approved list of premium manufacturers.

Porsche Tyres

Porsche N-Rated Tyres

As the car’s only direct contact with the road, the choice of tyres on your Porsche is critically important. Choosing the right tyres and correctly maintaining them makes a vital difference to your vehicle’s dynamics and safety, optimising its handling, cornering and braking.

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Porsche Body repair

Porsche Recommended Independent Body Repairers

Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd recommends specialist independent repairers for body and paint services to its national network of Porsche Centres. The repairers must meet strict operating standards specified by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. Porsche audit the Recommended Repairers annually and continuously monitors their compliance with the Porsche standard.

Please contact us to find your nearest Porsche Recommended Independent Body Repairer.

Porsche Exclusive

Porsche Exclusive

A guiding principle of Porsche has always been to allow each customer the opportunity to create a highly personal car and the ultimate expression of this philosophy is Porsche Exclusive.

Porsche Exclusive provides customers with a unique, personalised vehicle that meets all of their special wishes – in terms of both styling and performance.  The opportunities are endless against any Porsche model providing it is technically feasible and it doesn’t compromise quality. 

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Additional services

Porsche Complimentary Vehicle Check

Porsche Complimentary Vehicle Check

As a Porsche owner, you will appreciate the importance of the professional care and attention that is needed to ensure your car remains in optimum condition. In consultation with you, our Porsche-trained Technicians will visually inspect the following:

- Vehicle interior
- Braking system
- Lights and fluid levels
- Exhaust system
- Steering and suspension
- Underbody damage and wear
- Tyre condition
- Cabriolet roof (if appropriate)

A body wash and vacuum is also included, as well as the opportunity to ask our specialist team any questions you may have about your car.

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.

Porsche Wheel Alignment Check

Porsche Wheel Alignment Check

Driving over potholes, speed bumps and worn road surfaces can seriously affect your car’s tracking, shock absorbers, suspension and general handling.

Whilst any imbalance may not be sensed at the steering wheel, wheels that are out of alignment can cause tyres to wear unevenly and need premature replacement. They can also potentially increase fuel consumption.

At Porsche Centre Leeds, we have invested in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the highest possible standards of servicing for Porsche models. We are now offering an annual complimentary laser wheel alignment check and can quote for any adjustments that may be required.

Whilst your car is with us, we will also undertake a visual health check and written report as well as a complimentary hand-wash and vacuum.

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.

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Porsche Direct Dialog Bay Experience

Porsche Complimentary Direct Dialogue Bay

With the launch of our new Direct Dialogue Bay, Porsche Centre Leeds now offers a dedicated area where your Porsche can receive immediate, on-the-spot diagnosis prior to any necessary work commencing. Customers can also benefit from joining the Service Advisor in the Direct Dialogue Bay to partake in the inspection and understand the condition of their Porsche.

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.

summer wheels

Porsche summer wheels and tyres

Porsche summer wheel and tyre sets combine classic sports car design with individuality, and meet every standard you would expect from Porsche.

All the summer tyres are N-rated to signify that they are tested and approved for your car. This means your vehicle will continue to provide the high standards of driving safety for which Porsche is renowned. The tyres have been optimised to produce less noise and their low rolling resistance improves fuel economy. In short, the ‘N’ specification guarantees optimum driving pleasure.

Please view the Tequipment accessories finder for the full selection of summer wheels and tyres from Porsche Tequipment, as well as further product information, part numbers and prices.

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.


Drop and Go

At Porsche Centre Leeds we understand that your time is valuable.

As part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction, we believe flexibility and convenience are imperative to our customers and their busy schedules. 

We are delighted to introduce to you the new Drop and Go service at Porsche Centre Leeds. This service allows customers to make the Aftersales experience tailored to suit and complement their schedule, with minimal impact on their daily activity.

Your dedicated Service Advisor will contact you prior to your visit to check we have noted all your Porsche’s maintenance requirements. Drop off your Porsche keys at a time that suits you, leave the keys with us and we will have it ready to go again for you to collect. Whilst your Porsche is in our care, we will perform a complimentary Vehicle Health Check and provide a personalised video on your Porsche from one of our Porsche-trained Technicians. 

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.


Porsche Fixed Price Servicing

No one knows your car better than our Porsche-trained Technicians, who are your very own pit crew. Our Porsche Centre has precisely the tools and Porsche Genuine Parts to do the job to the standard your car deserves, making it your very own pit stop. Our range of Fixed Priced Services* makes maintaining your Porsche as simple as possible, whilst giving you the confidence that your car is in the hands of experts.

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.

* Fixed Price Service tariffs may be withdrawn or varied at any time.


Express Servicing

At Porsche Centre Leeds we believe that your time is valuable and as such, we are delighted to introduce Porsche Express Servicing*.

With Express Servicing, two of our Porsche-trained Technicians will attend to your Porsche, meaning that your service time is halved and you can carry on with your day without any major interruption. This new service only takes 90 minutes to complete and during this time you are invited to relax with a coffee or continue with your work in our Porsche lounge.

Whilst Express Servicing will reduce your waiting time, it certainly won't decrease the extensive benefits you receive by bringing your car into an official Porsche workshop which include:

  • Porsche-trained Technicians
  • Porsche Genuine Parts
  • Complimentary vehicle health check
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum
  • Full Porsche service history maintained

For more information, please call (+44) 113 2926479 and speak to a member of the Service Team.

*Subject to availability. Excludes GT models.